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Our Latest Work

Luna App
Mobile App Development


Creating an application can be an undertaking, but with Clever Wolf Digital's app development process, we help bring your idea to creation. We help clients develop screens, create the app's inner workings, and put together APIs to ensure your application is the way you want it.

Territorial Savings Bank
SEO Services

BankTerritorial Savings

For our friends at Territorial Savings Bank (, Clever Wolf Digital put together a comprehensive strategy to audit their current Search Engine Optimization on-page data. We re-optimized their Search Engine Result Pages and refined their headers and descriptors in their MetaData. Clever Wolf Digital put together an entire 5-phase checklist to ensure that nothing was missing in the evolution of the company's SEO.

Foundation for Maryknoll School
Social Media Services


Clever Wolf Digital helped put together a social media strategy and discovered Maryknoll School's voice to reach an older demographic in the parents of potential and current students. Clever Wolf Digital put together the media, graphic design work, planning the social media deployment strategy, created hashtags and other refined social media markers to help take Foundation for Maryknoll School's social media to the next level.

Hoopili Business Park
Website Design & Development

Hoopili Business Park

Clever Wolf Digital has put together many different websites from Shopify, WordPress, Bottom to top HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Development. We've utilized the latest techniques for UI/UX, content creation, videography, and photography to highlight the best components for a website. We help to bring websites to the forefront and ensure that they are responsive and mobile optimized.

Lex Brodie’s Tire, Brake and Service Company
Social Media Advertising

Lex Brodie’s

Clever Wolf Digital put together a comprehensive Facebook and Instagram Ad strategy for the nice folks at Lex Brodie's. We wanted to target particular users and audiences with a message for recruitment, leads, and a call-to-action that helped pinpoint services that would need to grow in that niche or target area.